Sharp-Tongued Figuration

Andrea Kirsh’s provocative title, Sharp-Tongued Figuration, suggests artwork that will unsettle the exhibition’s viewers. They might be jostled, speared, bumped in to, jabbed, or elbowed as a pedestrian might be on a bustling street or boarding a crowded subway. But it’s the voice, and in this case the artist’s voice—translated into images—that is sharp. The … Continue reading Sharp-Tongued Figuration

From The Digital Toolbox

Tim Portlock digital cityscape

January 12, 2015 – February 20, 2015

Computers are ubiquitous in so many aspects of life. Everyone with a cell phone generates digital images, and students are increasingly interested in media art. Responding to this, From the Digital Toolbox features four artists-Nancy Burson, Tim Portlock, Shuli Sade, Siebren Versteeg-all trained as painters, who have turned to multiple digital technologies to produce a variety of work.