More artists coming at you! Take a look at semi-finalists Cat Chiu, Trish Metzner, Aleksandr Razin, and Don Kennell & Lisa Adler.


Cat Chiu“Plastic Garden”

Cat Chui Phillips received her MFA from San Francisco Art Institute and has worked creating installations meant to be observed in the public eye.  Her works large use found and recycled materials that are bound together using different, contemporary handicraft methods. Cat Chui Phillips has exhibited her art in multiple international airports, museums, and cultural commissions. She has also worked as a public educator for over 15 years and has received multiple, international grants.   



Trish Metzner“Scopes for Hope”

Trish Metzner is a Philadelphia raised artist who has worked internationally as a tile designer and muralist.  She has done inspiring work boosting the artistic economy in rural parts of Mexico, received multiple grants, and continued to work conducting community engagement.  She has recently moved back to Philadelphia to found her own tile studio which functions as an artistic space and place of community.



Aleksandr Razin“Teleportation” or “Contemporary Centaur”

Russian born artist, Aleksandr Razin, spent his entire life surrounded by art. As a child he spent many hours in his grandfather’s studio, a book illustrator. In 1982 he received his MFA from the Tashkent College of Fine Arts. Later, in 1995 Razin would emigrate to Long Island, NY and begin teaching at Bridgeview Art School. Since 2007, he has created more than ten site-specific installations in NYC, NJ and CT.  He says that “an initial image emerges spontaneously that usually comes from some unknown source and represents the conceptual framework for the piece.” Razin looks for ways that symbols can connect his art to the contemporary world and the human condition of the current century.



Don Kennell and Lisa Adler“Camden Panther”

Working together with his partner and wife Lisa Adler, Don Kennell creates large public art that has been installed throughout the United States. Don and Lisa both received their graduate degrees from Rutgers, in Art and social sciences respectively. Now they continue these passions by creating and installing artwork that intersects art with society. For example, much of Kennell’s large sculptures are known for their interactive components.