March 13 – April 24, 2013


The painter Margery Amdur, the soprano and recording artist Julianne Baird, the theater artist Paul Bernstein, the graphic designer Allan Espiritu, and the art historian Martin Rosenberg have co-curated an exhibition around the theme of ‘work in progress’—translated into the title of the exhibition from here to there, parallel trajectories— each participant selecting existing artwork or creating new work, from her or his respective disciplinary point of view. The exhibition is interdisciplinary in nature, from painting to performance to ipads; and will challenge the viewer to create links between diverse works of art that explore the idea of work in progress in this exhibition and presented in the accompanying series of public programming. 

The artist Margery Amdur, whose painting is characterized by constant transformation, was drawn to work that evolves during the time that it is exhibited, or that suggests a significant change. The soprano Julianne Baird is performing with the pianist Eva Mengelkoch who discovered long lost scores by the composer Albrecht Mendelssohn Bartholdy (1874-1936). Julianne Baird is also performing pieces by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, one recital in a constrained space accompanied by Rebecca Cypress, the second in the Mallery Room with Marcia Hadjimarkos. Writer/performer Paul Bernstein, working with the duality of character and self, has created a collaborative work with filmmaker Robert A. Emmons Jr., tracing the internal landscape of memory; with sound design by Stefan Örn Arnarson. Using iPads as receivers and transmitters of regularly changing uploads, Allan Espiritu, in collaboration with Hyun Seo, has assembled designers from around the world to provide a steady stream of new images over the course of the exhibition. And the art historian Martin Rosenberg has drawn on a long relationship with artists from around the country to present work that will encapsulate each of the artist’s development. 

In the essays in the exhibition publication each of the curators has delved further into the work that they have selected or that has been created for this exhibition, providing a map for the viewer, to retrace these trajectories running parallel to each other, from here to there. 

Margery Amdur has selected work by Janet Biggs, Elizabeth Mackie, David Page, and Jonathan VanDyke.

Julianne Baird is performing Lieder by Albrecht Mendelssohn Bartholdy with pianist Eva Mengelkoch (March 15), and compositions by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach with clavichordists Rebecca Cypress (April 4) and Marcia Hadjimarkos (April 10).

Paul Bernstein created the flatscreen theater elegy AND NEVER CHANGE YOUR dEAD POINT OF VIEW with Robert A. Emmons Jr., sound by Stefan Orn Arnarson and construction by James A. Mobley.

Allan Espiritu, collaborating with Hyun Seo, invited the designers Andrew Santos, Min + Sulki, Jonty Valentine, Ken Kim, Ahree Lee, Rebbeca Gimenez, Juliette Cezzar, Sang Do Kim, Christopher Gianunzio, Kevin Kernan, and Christopher Espiritu to participate in Atlas (2013) or Shoplifters of the World Unite and Take Over  (2013).

Martin Rosenberg assembled representative works of Gary Day, Mary Day, Julie Harris, Bonnie O’Connell, and Ed Wong-Ligda.

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