Project Statement/Proposal

Tyler FuQua Creations
Mechan 11: The Collector, 2020
Steel, electronics, plastics, reclaimed materials
16.5’ x 8’ x 10’
Team: Tyler FuQua, Jason Hutchinson, Brad Batson

Mechan 11: The Collector is a giant robot that was programmed and designed to collect trash. With its trash collecting stick and large wire sack, it is in the process of collecting illegal dumping (washing machine, water heater, tires and such.) Mechan 11 stands 15 feet tall and features the characteristics of our other Mechans, yet has its own original design. Its glowing heart chamber serves as a reminder that we have to love and take care of this planet because it is the only one we have. For the heart chamber (a feature in all of our robots,) we have reached out to the students of Camden for design ideas and have created one of those into an actual 3D representation of that idea. This was a great way to have the community be a part of this project. Mechan 11 lights up in a number of ways including the aforementioned heart chamber as well as its eyes, mohawk, and a hundred or so rivets that will have color changing LED embedded in them. This will be our first standing robot and we are super excited to bring this thing for the people of Camden to enjoy.

Tyler FuQua Creations is a group of creatively skilled people from Portland, Oregon creating art for more than 18 years. Specializing in interactive art, Tyler FuQua Creations has created sculptures, costumes and puppets using steel, fabric, plastic, and illumination.



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